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1483 Lamey's Mill Rd
Vancouver, BC


Having fun with with your food and playing in the dirt while wearing clothing that are locally designed and printed for men, women & children. 

Educating children about agriculture in the urban setting by donating a portion of proceeds to local community organization.

PLANT A SEED - women's tee

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We are dedicated to selling well designed, ethically sourced, high quality products as a way to share within our community knowledge that will sustain our natural food sources from generations to generations.

PLANT A SEED - women's tee


PLANT A SEED - women's tee


Have you ever had an idea so small that you didn't think would become anything? But organically it grows slowly and it gets cultivated through love, inspiration, determination into something that is full of life.

We chose mustard color text to represent the humble mustard seed. The seed is 1-2 mm in size but under certain conditions can grow to be 3-5 meter in height and width.

Don't under estimate your potential of what could come from something so small.

This tee features a slimmer fit perfect.

Super Soft Cotton Blend

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